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Fun thread by former Apple engineer Alan Canistraro on the importance of the Remote app (RIP) to the past decade of various projects at Apple. From HomeKit and AirPlay to the App Store itself to… yes, the current Apple TV remote.

The thing about the Apple TV remote — which is maybe my least favorite piece of Apple hardware ever, and I know I’m not alone there — is that conceptually, it sounds like it should be great. Old school remotes not only sucked, they looked like they were designed by Fisher Price. This Apple TV remote was slick. But it was too slick, several times over. Both figuratively and literally.

Also, imaging the iPhone-as-TouchBar is fun. [via MacRumors]

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Just a pretty wild chart from The Economist to showcase the delayed bloodbath that was 2020 at the US box office.

And not just Disney, but the newer players too: Amazon, Apple…

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Photo by Matteo Stroppaghetti on Unsplash

It currently costs more to rent a microphone to talk to your guests at an AMC theater than it does to rent out the entire theater itself. $100 vs. $99. This seems like a pretty succinct summary of the state of the movie theater business in 2020.

The money incinerator that was MoviePass seems quaint now. …


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