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And not just Disney, but the newer players too: Amazon, Apple…

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Photo by Matteo Stroppaghetti on Unsplash

It currently costs more to rent a microphone to talk to your guests at an AMC theater than it does to rent out the entire theater itself. $100 vs. $99. This seems like a pretty succinct summary of the state of the movie theater business in 2020.

The money incinerator that was MoviePass seems quaint now. …

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Is this a video game console for ants?!

“The screen is surprisingly good for something the size of a cornflake.”

Not only is Sega’s ‘Game Gear Micro’ real, it’s apparently pretty good. As a retro-gaming enthusiast, I’m a fan of Sega’s silly small superfluousness here.

We already knew David Fincher’s upcoming film Mank looked great, but now we can hear that it sounds great too. Aside from the opening notes of the music on this website — The White Wine Came Up With The Fish — you probably would not imagine this was a Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross score. But it is! And it sounds great.


M.G. Siegler

General Partner @ GV (née Google Ventures). In past lives I wrote at TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and ParisLemon. A man of few words. Except when writing. 🍻

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