A Few Things I’m Thinking About On Apple Watch Eve

  1. While Apple has tried to prepare everyone as best they can, it’s still really weird that no one is going to be able to walk into an Apple Store tomorrow and walk out with an Apple Watch. This doesn’t feel right. This is exactly why Apple Stores exist.
  2. A few of the reviews mentioned the notion of etiquette. That is, right now, it’s considered rude to constantly check your watch in a meeting. In fact, it’s sort of rude to check it even once. Such an action has long been a visual indication that you’re bored, in a hurry, or some combination of the two. You’d think this will have to change for Apple Watch to truly work…
  3. But… maybe the taptic engine alleviates this issue somewhat. I still believe this is the smartest/most interesting aspect of Apple Watch. The initial crop of smartwatches all constantly light up like a Christmas Tree with notifications. The Apple Watch is far more subtle. If it is indeed granular enough to indicate to a wearer the difference between these notifications, this could lead to all new interactions/use cases.
  4. Most of the reviews did read as if the reviewers were underwhelmed by Apple Watch. But nearly all of them read as if they were trying to or thinking they should use the device as they would use their smartphone. Yes, both have touchscreens, but they are very different things. This is also why I wasn’t too concerned about the early worries about battery life — which all reviews have indicated was indeed overblown. This is not a phone. You are not going to be using it constantly throughout the day as you do your phone. It’s largely a push device, not a pull device.
  5. Since the dawn of the App Store, there have existed a range of apps that probably shouldn’t have been apps but were because well, apps were the thing to make. I wonder if some of those now transfer to their rightful home on the Watch. Most weather apps are an example of this. Why do I need to open an entire app to get this information? Now I won’t.
  6. That said, as we all know, these initial Apple Watch apps are more like iPhone app widgets. The “micro” apps on the phone won’t really go away until we get true Apple Watch apps.
  7. What will be the “fart app” equivalent genre of Apple Watch apps? You know something is coming…

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General Partner @ GV (née Google Ventures). In past lives I wrote at TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and ParisLemon. A man of few words. Except when writing. 🍻

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