A Two Paragraph Rebuttal To A One Paragraph MacBook Review

The new MacBook is the greatest computer yet made. Hands down. Yes, one (new style USB-C) port is somewhat of an annoyance, but it’s a tradeoff I wholeheartedly endorse for the size of the machine. As stated, the screen is brilliant. Battery life and speed are non-issues.

As for the keyboard… I love it. And I type. A lot. No ache here. Perhaps it’s because I’m somewhat used to typing on glass (iPhone/iPad). I believe I actually type faster on the new keyboard. Remember the old massive key keyboards of yesteryear? You know, this guy. Does anyone want to go back to that? This is the next phase of the evolution. I believe we’ll all be typing on Force Touch glass keyboards one day in the not-too-distance future.

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