Good question -- from someone thinking about memberships and bundles :) I do think the more channels actually make the product worse in that the core UI is still built around the idea of a TV "guide" which means scrolling through more and more stuff to get to what you want. YouTube TV tries to alleviate that by allowing you to hide channels, but the UI for this is confusing -- most users won't do it or even know they can do it.

They also clearly try to solve this by making recommendations key, but the UI here as well also leaves a lot to be desired. Even worse, the underlying recommendations don't seem all that great. So I'm left going back to the channel guide...

Having said all of that, I think you're right on the retention piece but I also think this bucket of channels necessitated an extra payment and thus, the price hike. (I suspect the price hike is higher than it would normally be in order to try to make the service profitable on a per-user basis.)

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