Okay, lots of quotes and presumptions about who I am and what I do or do not know. To try to address this directly: best case scenario is — yes, in my view — that we’ll never know. I hope and still believe this will be the case. Worse case is… going to be really bad, I imagine. Again, yes, my opinion as was hopefully clear from the fact that I posted it. I’m honestly not sure any of this is even necessarily bad for me (though in a macro-sense, yes). But more so — again, opinion — for many of the people likely to vote for Trump.

That’s the entire point: I honestly don’t believe a lot of people know what they’re doing here. (See also: Brexit.) Which is the most terrifying thing imaginable. I hope we don’t get to see if I’m right or not…

But bonus points for “(record breaking btw)” which sounds like something Trump would say.

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General Partner @ GV (née Google Ventures). In past lives I wrote at TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and ParisLemon. A man of few words. Except when writing. 🍻

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