Will Disney+ Save Pixar’s ‘Soul’?

Rebecca Rubin:

Unlike “Mulan,” which released on Disney Plus for an extra $30, “Soul” will be available to Disney Plus’ 60.5 million subscribers at no extra cost. The streaming service costs $6.99 per month.

Two interesting bits here:

  1. Disney is doing this with a Pixar movie. There are few certainties in life: death, taxes, Pixar movies opening number one at the box office. That would seemingly point to Disney postponing the theatrical release, rather than forgoing it. But they did postpone once and perhaps they’re just tired of doing that, with other movies now backing up in the slate? And, of course, they had to fast-track the most recent Pixar movie, Onward, to the home as it opened just before COVID and everything shut down right after.
  2. They’re not running the Mulan playbook — Disney++, as it were. That seemingly did pretty well for them — though not as well as Hamilton did in terms of bringing users to Disney+ (Hamilton was offered as a part of the regular service, not a premium add-on). So did Disney feel like Mulan had to be done at a premium because of the budget? Or did they just decide that taking a shorter term hit in revenue is worth it for longer-term payout (people signing up for Disney+ and presumably sticking with it to watch Soul and whatever comes next? It seems like a test of that…

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