Sure thing. For taking notes on the go, I use Bear (and Apple’s built-in Notes app for a few other things). When it comes time to sit down and write, I’ve been switching between Ulysses and iA Writer. Each has different pluses and minuses — Ulysses has many more features (and is a paid product), but recently I’ve got back to liking the more spartan look-and-feel of iA.

Both have iOS and Mac apps. But I do the vast majority of my writing on the iPad these days. Including this response — but I’m doing this in Medium’s app (hope I don’t lose it — I kid, Medium’s save draft functionality is solid ;)! Both services have the ability to push drafts to Medium, which is great. Because I tend to do final edits there, as well as add links and images. Then publish.

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General Partner @ GV (née Google Ventures). In past lives I wrote at TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and ParisLemon. A man of few words. Except when writing. 🍻

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